ranunculus beautiful varieties for the home and garden by Naomi Slade


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Beautiful varieties for the home and garden.


  • 240 pages
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.8
  • Full color photographs
  • Hardcover

A centuries-old flower of love has claimed its place in high-end floral shops and wedding bouquets.

“Consumers now understand that this flower has a great vase life and comes in many different colors. In addition, the available varieties have seen some big improvements in the last years.” — Floral Daily, October 2021

In the language of flowers, ranunculus (aka buttercup) is a symbol of seduction, charm, and attractiveness. It was particularly popular for bouquets in the Victorian era and has made a strong comeback as a bloom for modern-day wedding bouquets. It is the flower of the moment, as gardeners, florists, and alpine enthusiasts all over the world embrace the possibilities of this plant once more.

Naomi Slade is a well-known journalist and photographer specializing in gardening, environment, and lifestyle.