Plant Care

Arrangements: A little extra care can extend the life of your flowers.
To keep the blooms looking their best, please refill your vase to the top with clean water daily. Your arrangement should be kept in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight and away from heating or cooling vents.
Orchids: Keep in bright, indirect sunlight. Every 10-14 days water the orchid over the course of about 10 minutes, giving the orchid plenty of time for absorption. Remove any expired leaves or blooms as needed. These flowers prefer 50-60% humidity and may be placed on trays over moistened pebbles. To encourage flowering, use clean scissors or a knife and cut the stem back to one inch above the bottom node to encourage new growth.
Hand Tied Bouquets and Loose Cut Flowers: Cut the stems at an angle and store in a vase with clean water, out of direct sunlight. Refill the vase with water daily.