Match Pewter Julep Cup Lucido (Polished)

Match Pewter Julep Cup (Matte)

Match Pewter
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Match pewter is handmade by artisans in the North of Italy. Its classic forms harmonize with both traditional and modern settings. Its warm reflections recall celebrations at well laid tables and storytelling by candlelight. Match pewter does not contain lead and is completely food safe. Hand-made in Italy. Pewter tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance. Should you want to polish your pewter almost any polish will do (read the directions before using). Match recommends Cape Cod Metal Polish.

The ritual of pouring a beverage has historically signified the beginning or ending of an event, occasion, or, simply, the day at hand. Whether a glass of juice, wine with a meal, or a cocktail at a gathering of friends, Match Pewter's beverage collection includes all that’s necessary for making, serving and enjoying your beverage of choice. A well appointed bar is a sign of a hospitable home, and conveys the spirit of conviviality at the heart of match beverage service. Cin cin!

  • 3.8" H, 10 OZ