Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon by Linda Jane Holden, Thomas Lloyd, and Bryan Huffman

Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon

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  • Hardcover
  • Page count: 176
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 10 inches

Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon is for anyone who has enjoyed time spent in a garden, from aspiring garden makers to those who manage large estates. This collection is comprised of extracts from Bunny’s own writings and garden notes, as well as photographs and drawings from her archive.

Chapters are organized by Atmosphere (sky, horizon, shadows), Climate, Light, Space, Shape, Maintenance, and more readers will feel as if Bunny Mellon has come alongside as a gardening guide and friend.

Bunny Mellon was of the affluent class and mingled along with her husband, Paul Mellon, in the circles of the East Coast gentry of the Kennedy and Reagan eras. But Mrs. Mellon, as she was respectfully called by those professional gardeners who worked with her most, wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the rich soil of her family’s Virginia farm.