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Rockwell Razors - Double Edge Blades - 20 pack

Rockwell Razors - Double Edge Blades - 20 pack


There's no mystery why the Rockwell Razors collection carries some of our best selling products. This 20-pack of their famous Swedish stainless steel blades is one of them, equally loved by retailers and customers alike. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Rockwell blades are an incredible value, built to retain their sharpness for as many shaves as possible, 
  • The razors provide top-quality smoothness at an incredibly affordable.
  • They're compatible with all double-edge safety razors and make an excellent means of additional revenue for those purchasing or looking for replacements. 
If those reasons weren't enough, the remarkable packaging should seal the deal, as they possess a unique mixture of minimalism and class that speaks to all generations of shavers and gift buyers.

Manufacturer:  Rockwell Razors

Pattern:  Blades

Manuf ID:  RR-960644