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Michael Aram - Ocean Coral - Catch All

Michael Aram - Ocean Coral - Catch All


The Ocean Collection was inspired by the beauty of the marine environment and the unexpected and striking forms found there. The collection is also designed to celebrate the bounty of the oceans and provide a jewel-like platform for the culinary gifts they provide us.

"I love the idea of finding beautiful pieces from the seaside and creating vessels that can be used for entertaining. I imagine a sunset cocktail party...with delicate seafood presented in objects that bring the oceanic world to life." - Michael Aram

  • 4.25"L x 4"W x 1.5"H, Bowl 4" Dia.; Stainless Steel, Nickelplate 


Each Michael Aram metal object undergoes a series of grinding, buffing and polishing techniques.  Variations or 'imperfections' in the product's finish are characteristic of the creation process. Due to this handmade nature, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Stainless Steel, Nickelplate

  • Do not put in dishwasher
  • Hand wash with a soft sponge, mild soap and water
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring pads that can scratch and dull metal surfaces
  • Do not soak, even in plain water, or leave unwashed overnight
  • Dry with a soft cloth to avoid spotting and pitting
  • As with all metals, never place in microwave oven

Manufacturer:  Michael Aram

Pattern:  Ocean Coral

Manuf ID:  175367