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Calaisio Chip & Dip Square with Pillivuyt Insert Calaisio - Chip & Dip - Square with Pillivuyt Insert

Price:  $97.00

Calaisio is hand-woven by artisans who work and reside in remote villages in the South Pacific. Their products are made of "vignes d'eau" or water vines, which only grow in mountain jungles. The vine grows back quickly once reaped, leaving no damage in their native forests. Calaisio invests a substantial amount of its profits back into these villages and seeks to preserve the environment while bringing the world timeless products of quality and durability. 

Included with each design is a statement of authenticity attesting to the time it took to create, signed personally by the artisans who created it.

  • Includes Pillivuyt Dip Dish
  • 16"Sq


Manufacturer:  Calaisio

Pattern:  The Serving Collection

Manuf ID:  CD2+dish